FAQ of RF-V28 GPS Locator

Before use, the device needs to charge with qualified charger for 2-3 hours to get a best use and avoid main host damage. Please note that device will constantly reboot if it hasn't inserted the SIM card. RF-V28 is non-waterproof, please avoid contact with water during use, and keep the product away from fire, high temperature, freezing or other extreme environments.

1. Preparation Before Use:

The device requests to choose 2G GSM network-based Micro-SIM card (same as that for iPhone 4. Besides, please make sure following two points:
a.The device is power off when inserting or taking off SIM card;
b.The GPRS data plan and Caller ID functions have been activated and turn off PIN code function.

2. Turn On/Off:

Press the Power Button for 3 sec, it powers on when indicator lights on and it rings; In the state of power-on, press the Power Button three times, it powers off when indicator lights on and rings.

3. The status of indicate lights when charging:

Red and blue lights flashing with the same frequency means in charging, red and blue lights keeping on means fully charged.

4. After inserting SIM card, the device can make phone calls, but it says "not enable" on both web platform and App.

1. Please confirm the device can send SMS and make calls after inserting SIM card.( Note: locating may fail when SIM card fees owed)
2. APN data is incorrect or hasn't presented in device, you need configure the APN data as below:
1)Bind main number first by sending SMS: pw,123456,center,phone number# to the device No. For example: pw,123456,center,1370000000#
2)The APN configure SMS command is: apn,apndata,user ID,user password,network code# For example: The AT&T APN data is wap.cingular, The user ID is wap@cingulargprs.com, The user password is cingular1, The network code is 310410,(mcc:310,mnc,410) Then the APN configure SMS text is: apn,wap.cingular, wap@cingulargprs.com,cingular1,310410#
3)Reboot the pendant tracker after getting a SMS reply.
4)If all ways above don't work, please ask the SIM card operator for right APN data.
PS: APN reference website: http://wiki.apnchanger.org or http://apn-settings.com Attention: All commands above use lowercase letters, punctuation marks in English style and end with "#".

5. Standby Time

Upload location date every 10 minutes, the standby time is about 2 days.

6. Locating Accuracy

The locating way of RF-V28 is GPS+LBS+WIFI. The device will locate by LBS automatically indoor. The accuracy of LBS depends on the density of base station, it will be 100-1000 meters. The accuracy of GPS is 5-30 meters under the open sky.

7. Why dose the device not call the phone number when pressing SOS button?

Before dialing out telephone numbers, user needs to set SOS numbers via APP or SMS command.
Setting master number's SMS command is pw,123456,center,phone number#
Setting other SOS number's SMS command is sos,number1,number2,number3#

8. Cancel the Fall alarm:

The device holder can cancel the alarm in 15 sec by pressing any button. If no any operation within 15 sec, the device will send alarm SMS, APP notification and a call.

9. What should I do if I want to monitor more than one device?

If you have many devices, please contact us to set an account for you, then you can track all devices in one map. Contact email: info@rf-gsm.com

10. How to change the SMS command reply language to English?

Send the SMS command as this content to set: lz,0,8#
("0" is English; "8" is the time zone, you can set your country's time zone)
1.RF-V28 is non-waterproof, please avoid contact with water during use.
2.Keep the product away from fire, high temperature, freezing or other extreme environments.
3.It can't locate if run out of battery or has no network.