FAQ of RF-V6+ GSM alarm tracker

1. Preparation Before Use:

The device needs a 2G GSM network-based Micro-SIM card (same as that for iPhone 4s.) Or 3G/4G SIM card compatible with 2G network. Besides, please make sure following points:
The GPRS data plan and Caller ID functions have been activated and turn off PIN code function.
RF-V6+ Structure diagram: 1). Lanyard hole; 2). Reset hole; 3). Power button 4). Charger hole; 5). GSM indicator; 6). SOS button; 7). GSM indicator; 8). SIM slot; 9). Slot plug; 10). Microphone hole.

2. Turn On/Off:

Press the Power Button for 3 sec, it powers on when indicator lights on and powers off when indicator lights off.

3. The status of indicate lights when charging:

Orange and blue lights flashing with the same frequency means in charging, orange and blue lights keeping on without flashing means fully charged.

4. Login APP:

Download APP "Anytracking" from Google play and login with device ID No. on device back label, and password "123456" via access of "Device ID".

5. Why dose not the device call the phone number when alarm triggered?

To make the device dial out telephone numbers, user needs to set SOS1 number via APP or SMS command. Setting SOS1 number's SMS command is: 123456,sos1,user's phone number# APP setting is as following screenshot: When alarm triggered, the device will call all SOS numbers you set one by one till someone pick up the phone.

6. Why does the APP and web platform show "Not enable"?

1). Please confirm the device can receive SMS and get through calls after inserting SIM card. ( Note: locating fails when SIM card fees owed)
2). SIM card APN data needs to reset, you need configure the APN data as below: a. Set master number first by sending SMS command from your own telephone number to the sim card in the tracker, the SMS command is "123456,sos1, your telephone number#";
b. Please try to find the apn data from the SIM card website and then send the SMS command "apn,apndata#" to the tracker;
c. If the APN need to verify user's name and password, for example: the user name is "cm", password is "123", then the SMS command should be "apn,cmnet,user,cm,pd,123#";
d. Reboot the device after you get a reply;
e. If all ways above don't work, please ask the SIM card operator for right APN data.
PS: APN reference website: http://wiki.apnchanger.org or http://apn-settings.com Attention: All commands above use lowercase letters, punctuation marks in English style and end with "#". All SMS settings must be done via sos1 number.

7. Why is the location in APP map not accurate?

1). This model RF-V6+ is an anti-theft alarm with GSM tracking function. It has only LBS tracking way. No GPS signals.

8. How can I check a historical route of more than one day?

In APP, user can only check 24 hours' historical route of any day. For longer time's route, please login our web platform: www.gps123.org. Besides, you can check all tracking route when not to click the "Show LBS points"

9. How to read the details of "Real-time tracking map"?

Please check the details in a screenshot here. The blue dot is your smart phone's location, and the arrow is the tracker's location. You can also find the status of the tracker in black words in the middle, including device name, movement status, date, time, speed and direction.

10. What is this tracker's battery standby time?

When use the inbuilt battery, the tracker usually lasts about 2-3 days. Specific time depends on the tracker's interval time user set. The shorter interval time user set, the shorter its standby time will be. When user turns off APP and web platform function and only track with SMS commands, the tracker's standby time will be about 10 days.

11. Can I monitor more than one devices at the same time with one map?

Yes, login the APP via "Log in by username", user can monitor more than one devices. User name needs to be provided by your supplier, distributor or manufacturer. Or set all your anti-theft alarms' main monitor number with one telephone number, so this number can receive alarms from all anti-theft alarms you have.

12. How can I connect V6+ to our own APP and web platform?

Please contact the manufacturer via email: info@rf-gsm.com .