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Sharp peaks Wireless Limited - General Manager

Ladies / Gentlemen:

    How are you! The sharp peaks Wireless was founded in 2007, specializes in security (production and sales of the product development based on GSM / GPS platform burglar alarm), now now, there are: GSM burglar alarm, GPS positioning alarm, integrated GSM / GPS anti-theft alarms, home doors and windows burglar alarm (Menci), vehicle anti-theft positioning alarm 10 balance for consumers in more than 200 countries in the world / enterprise services, and is widely used in the elderly / children telemonitoring, home, office, shops , transportation, vehicle monitoring and other fields, and at the same time we have a high-tech professional and technical personnel and high-precision various ancillary production equipment and quality testing equipment. The Company to provide customers with the excellence of the scientific and advanced management system, high-quality products, and now we have received a number of organizations, and patent certification.
    Our unwavering commitment to quality first, service first, customers first, reputation first, user experience, the first for the purpose!

    Household doors and windows burglar alarm I introduced the RF-100, RF-200 Remote Child Custody locator anti-theft alarm V5GSM vehicles, V6GSM locator the, V7GPS locator, V8GPS burglar alarm products, won the majority of users praise! The Ruifeng products get the trust and favor of the major manufacturers, I promise: all of the company's anti-theft alarm equipment free use of company-provided data platform, in addition to normal phone cards and communication costs without any cost.

   At the same time, we can be customized according to customer equipment and accessories. Different functions, the same service, the best in sharp peaks wireless!
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