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Recruitment Taobao and Alibaba platform sales customer service Post Detailed Information
Place Of Work: Shenzhen Huaqiang North Number: 2人
Remuneration: 3000+ Effective Time: 2012.11.08 至 2013.05.08
Recruitment Unit: RF-GSM(HK)Co., Ltd. Contacts: Ms. Chen
Tel: 086-755-83244037 Address: Room 607B,East block,Nangfang Building,Shenzhen ,
Zip Code: 518000 E-mail:
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Responsibilities: Responsible for Taobao and Alibaba shop the day-to-day operation and maintenance
Job Requirements: 1, can be hard, proper overtime; 2, there is a certain writing skills; 3 will picture processing, 4, relevant work experience will have priority.
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